Are You Planning Your Own Funeral?

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Have you decided that you would like to plan your own funeral? Whether you are a healthy thirty-year old or an older person who battles health problems, planning your own funeral has benefits, doesn't it? In the first place, you'll be saving your family from planning a funeral at the same time that they are grieving your passing. In addition, by planning your own funeral, you'll have a service that will be exactly what you wished for. From working with a representative at a funeral home to planning the actual service, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Funeral Home - Do you already know which funeral home you will use? Perhaps you have attended services at a particular funeral home and you liked the way people in charge conducted things. If you don't know which funeral home to select, consider talking to your ecclesiastic leader to get some guidance from him or her. If you are not a church attender, you might want to visit two or three funeral homes to see which one will serve you better.

The person you work with at the funeral home will help you select everything from flowers for your casket to the actual casket itself. If you want to be cremated, you'll want to select a funeral home that does cremations. Be sure to give any paperwork, including fees you have paid, to somebody you trust. And tell more than one person where important documents relating to your funeral can be found. After all, if you choose just one person, he or she might not be available at the time of your death.

The Funeral Service - Personalize your funeral service exactly as you want it to be. For instance, if you have favorite Bible verses that you want read, write them in your funeral plans. If you have hymns that you want sung, then make a note of those hymns, too. As for the spoken word, consider how you want that done. Do you want your children to speak at your funeral? Maybe you would feel more comfortable asking close friends to read the eulogy and to talk about your life stories.

Have you thought about writing a letter that would be read to those who attend your funeral service? By doing so, you could include words of gratitude for those who have touched your life. If you do write a letter that will be read at your funeral service, consider also including tender and funny incidents that occurred in your life.

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